Friday, February 24, 2012

François Lemariey, Kawasaki Racing Team's Manager, talks about Olimunllum® after first pre-season race at MX International Valence 2012

Gautier Paulin on spot, MX Valence 2012

“It was a good day for us, even if the results are not very important in a pre season race. There was no pressure, we came there to prepare the season and do several tests. The riders got their bike this week, and a race is always the best place to made adjustments. We were pleased to meet this weekend some of our partners, such as representatives from Dunlop or Celtibero Racing Components, a company which provide us engine supports made of Olimunllum®, a structural carbon composite. Next week we’ll go to Hawkstone Park, it will be a first test on a sandy track.”

François Lemariey, KRT MX Manager

Yves Demaria and Celtibero engineer A. Salvado

Kawasaki Racing Team MX as a whole

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Published by: Beatriz Salvado
Photos: Felipe Bebie, KRT MX

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Valence International MX 2012

We were there to see and hear the people behind the requests for technology, and found out the most serene and focused individuals I have happened to meet in a world class mx event.
Thanks Françoise and Yves for the value share!

Source: Paulin Gautier FB Fan Page

Published by: Beatriz Salvado
Photos: Felipe Bebie

Kawasaki Racing Team takes Olimunllum® racing: Valence International MX 2012

Does your bike transmit you quickly but gently the information on traction, so will this allow you always to target tighter lines and get closer to the limits, as Gautier Paulin shows on this move.

Picking up his line...

...feeling the track

...taking it even tighter and making time

The Olimunllum® parts are here to work for the rider

The engine mounts developed by Celtibero Racing Components for the Kawasaki Racing Team improve sensitivity, damp disturbing vibrations and provide a better feeling for the frame reaction forces. This helps you choose tighter lines, explore traction limits, and feel good with your ride.

Published by: Beatriz Salvado
Photos: Felipe Bebie

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Twelve months crammed into one book. The 2011 Story. Be Celtibero.

"There you go. Again it seems you are far too late and too fast to make the corner, but it's also late in the evening and the track is grippy enough, so you press your right boot to the foot peg and lie down a bit more... now centrifugal wins over centripetal, so your back wheel starts to slide, slowing you down and allowing you to close the radius around the corner to rebalance the forces... Like almost every time, you will feel you should have taken it much quicker."

Edition: Beatriz Salvado