Thursday, June 23, 2011

OLIMUNLLUM® QI-GRADE [CARBON FIBRE REINFORCED HIGH PERFORMANCE RACING COMPONENTS for Motocross, Enduro, Supermotard, Flattrack, Speedway, Trial and Road Racing]

The high tenacity of the reinforcing carbon fibres, the strenght, excellent impact, creep and temperature resistance of Olimunllum®, makes it our choice for engine mounts, chain wheels, chain guides and hand guards.


Olimunllum® carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic offers:

- excellent impact strenght and creep resistance
- very low coeff. of friction (0.15-0.25)
- high stiffness
- high damping (less vibrations) >15% higher than CF/Epoxy
- high chemical and corrosion resitance
- continuous service-temperature up to 250°C
- minimum weight (1/2 of Aluminum, 1/3 of Titanium, 1/5 of Steel)

Olimunllum® vs. Metals:

Comparision of main relevant mechanical properties of Olimunllum® against Steel and Aluminum.

Stress-Strain comparision:

Material properties, Olimunllum® QI-Grade:

Damping properties comparision of Olimunllum® QI-Grade against standard composites:

We, at Celtibero, keep focused on developing your low weight, high performance racing components for Motocross, Enduro, Supermotard, Flattrack, Speedway, Trial and Road Racing.

European, Italian and Swiss Motocross Championship riders like Mario Bertocchi, Robby Bottesi, four times Enduro World Champion Ivan Cervantes, Flattrack aces Aidan Collins, Jacopo Monti among others are already riding with Celtibero racing components.

“That the Olimunllum® race products do also look unique is not a coincidence. Real performance seldom looks wrong”.

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