Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Check out the new Celtibero Spot!

To be shown from 7th November on MotorsTV broadcast full coverage of all six rounds of the 2011 Pozzani UK Grand National Championship.

Video edition: Racerfish, Zurich, Switzerland

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A few pics from last round 2011 Pozzani Grand National UK Shorttrack Championship @ Rye House Speedway Stadium, Herts, UK

Thunderbike starting line

Celtibero pro rider, Jacopo Monti

2011 UK Shorttrack champion and Celtibero supported rider, Aidan Collins

Collins on spot!

Thanks to Steven Baldock for the photos release!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The oval track. The purest race format. Celtibero Flattrack Experience Weekend

Upcoming dates: 15th-16th October and 29th-30th October 2011.

More info by clicking here.

Call us to secure your place!

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Celtibero Racing Components patented Moto2 silencer @ GP Motorland Aragón, Spain

Celtibero Racing Components, with its own developed Silencer technology, exploring more mid and top end power on the road racing tracks of the FIM Moto2 World Championship.

Celtibero patented silencer on the Grand Prix Team Switzerland Moto2 race bike

The Swiss Moto2 rider Randy Krummenacher

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The Rye House speedway track, right besides the karting circuit that saw F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton grow up, made for the perfect stage to run the UK Shorttrack finals.

Beautifully prepared, the hard surface produced fantastic races all eve long, at a level of speed hardly ever seen this season.

The UK number 1 rider, Aidan Collins, defended his title and won again the GNC Championship by taking his 4th victory on the last round @ Rye House. Congratulations for the Celtibero supported rider and his whole team!

Here the results Rd 6:

1st - #1 Aidan Collins (HM PLANT Honda 450)
2nd - #14 Tim Neave (Team Suzuki)
3rd - #93 Tom Woolley (Pidcock Honda)
4th - #71 Glyn Pocklington (Helmets4u KTM 525)
5th - #7 Ben Baker (Helmets4u Honda 450)
6th - #54 Peter Boast (Team Suzuki 450)
7th - #20 Darren Trapmore (Kinrade Honda 450)
8th - #18 Mark Richardson (Honda 450)
9th - #98 Richard Mason (Arrow Honda 450)
10th - #30 Alan Birtwistle (Honda 450)
11th - #28 Steve Coles (Honda 450)
DNF - #5 Jacopo Monti (600 Celtibero Rotax)

Final GNC Championship results:

1st Aidan Collins 107pts
2nd Tom Woolley 83 pts
3rd Peter Boast 63pts

4th Richard Mason 61pts
5th Glyn Pocklington 48pts
6th Tim Neave 46pts
7th Ben Baker 46pts
8th Jacopo Monti 36pts
9th Tyson Nelson 36pts
10th Alan Birtwistle 33pts
11th Darren Trapmore 30pts
12th David Haith 27pts

On Thunderbikes, Jacopo Monti finalized the UK race series with his 3rd win in the Thunderbikes class.

Stylish as in his best days, it was a pleasure for us to have him on our bike.

Redmax Thunderbike Championship Rd 5 results @ Rye House Speedway Stadium:

1st - Jacopo Monti (Celtibero Rotax)
2nd - Alan Birtwistle (Yamaha 600)
3rd - Guy Sutherland (Co-Built Rotax)
4th - Anthony Brown (Co-Built Rotax)
5th - Steve Coles (Bros Honda 650)
6th - Geoff Cain (Co-Built Rotax 600)
7th - Paul Harrison (Rotax 600)
8th - Dave Arnold (Scooter Farm Rotax 600)
9th - Guto Llewelyn (Co-Built Husaberg 600)
10th - Wayne Drake (Rotax 600)
11th - Paul Baleta (KTM 600)
12th - Pete Wilky (XR Harley-Davidson 750)

Anthony Brown took the overall win after a consistant season with the power and reliability of his own equipment.
Making a list of parts to buy from you for next years campaign! ;-)

Final Thunderbike Championship results:

1st Anthony Brown 75pts
2nd Jacopo Monti 68pts
3rd Alan Birtwistle 60pts

4th Steve Coles 54pts
5th Guy Sutherland 41pts
6th Wayne Drake 37pts
7th Paul Baleta 34pts
8th Guto Llewelyn 33pts
9th Pete Wilkinson 33pts
10th Geoff Cain 30pts

Congratulations as well to the junior rider Tom Neave for his win on the Arrow Engineering Junior Championship! Pretty unbelievable his control during the whole season. Thumbs up!

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Honda NSF250R Moto3 bike official press face @ Misano, September 1, 2011

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The new Honda weapon for next year Moto3 class was presented by Geo Technology on Thursday 1/9 along with the newest kit parts.

Celtibero Racing Components fit onto the light-weight focus that Geo Technology has kept through the development of the Honda NSF250R.

Photo source: Celtibero Racing Components

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