Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kawasaki Racing Team takes Olimunllum® racing: Valence International MX 2012

Does your bike transmit you quickly but gently the information on traction, so will this allow you always to target tighter lines and get closer to the limits, as Gautier Paulin shows on this move.

Picking up his line...

...feeling the track

...taking it even tighter and making time

The Olimunllum® parts are here to work for the rider

The engine mounts developed by Celtibero Racing Components for the Kawasaki Racing Team improve sensitivity, damp disturbing vibrations and provide a better feeling for the frame reaction forces. This helps you choose tighter lines, explore traction limits, and feel good with your ride.

Published by: Beatriz Salvado
Photos: Felipe Bebie

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