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The Swiss rider Jan-Willem Jansen takes the win at Rd 6 MEFO Sport Flattrack Cup @ Hof-Westerwald, Germany

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Jan-Willem Jansen's race bike, backed with Celtibero parts, took him to the top of the podium at the 6th Rd of the MEFO Sport Flattrack Cup placed on the challenging 500m oval in Hof-Westerwald, Germany.


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Final results Round 6 of the MEFO Sport Flattrack Cup @ Hof-Westerwald, Germany, August 28, 2011


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Expert Class

1st #15 Jan-Willem Jansen - DutchBrothers Harley-Davidson

2nd #70 Stefan Gatzenmeier - KTM

3rd #28 Halbe Scheper - Jorrissen-Suzuki

4th #25 Wiemer Borger - Brandoil KTM

5th #16 Mick Jansen - DutchBrothers Harley-Davidson

6th #46 Leo Eibl - Yamaha

7th #80 Thomas Weigl - W&W KTM

DNF #24 Derek Brindley - Arrow Honda

DNF #27 Tom van Nes - DutchBrothers Rotax

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Final results Round 5 of the Pozzani Grand National UK Championship @ Kings Lynn

GNC Class

1st Tom Woolley - Pidcock Honda 450 

2nd Ben Baker - Helmets4u Honda 450

3rd Richard Mason - Arrow Honda 450

4th Peter Boast - Team Suzuki 450

5th Aidan Collins - HM Plant Honda 450

6th Glyn Pocklington - Helmets4u KTM 525

7th Alan Birtwistle - Honda 450

8th David Haith - Arrow Honda 450

9th Tim Greig - Honda 450

10th Tim Neave - Team Suzuki 450

11th Richard May - Team Suzuki 450

12th Darren Trapmore - Kinrade Honda 450


Redmax Thunderbike Class

1st Anthony Brown - Co-Built Rotax 600

2nd Peter Boast - Trackmaster Yamaha 750

3rd Guy Sutherland - Co-Built Rotax 600

4th Pete Wilkinson - XR Harley Davidson 750

5th Wayne Drake - Rotax 600

6th Paul Baleta - KTM 600

7th Steve Coles - Bros Honda 650

8th Jacopo Monti - Celtibero Rotax Circle-F

9th Alan Birtwistle - Yamaha 600

10th Paul Harrison - Rotax 600

11th Paul Sheldon - KTM 600

12th Tim Stevens - CCM 600


Here a link to a video on Youtube from this race, made by Alfie Colliott.

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Round 5 of the Pozzani Grand National UK Flattrack Championship @ Kings Lynn

After dominating all his heats on the Celtibero Circle-F Rotax, Jacopo Monti suffered a technical DNF on the semifinal at Kings Lynn this Saturday, which leaves us with no mathematic chances for the title win.

Big thanks to Anthony Brown and Collin's technic, Bob, for the help trying to get the Rotax back on track. Coming from the main contenders, we really appreciated that!

Congratulations to Tom Woolley, Ben Baker and Richard Mason for their podiums on the GNC Class and to Anthony Brown, Peter Boast and Guy Sutherland on Thunderbikes!

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