Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jacopo Monti won the Thunderbikes Final with the Celtibero Rotax Circle-F @ Leicester

... and finished a strong 3rd in the Grand National with the Honda "La Favorita". 


published by Beatriz Salvado, pictures by Tim Coles

Final results Round 4 Thunderbike Class of the Pozzani Grand National UK Championship @ Leicester

Redmax Thunderbike Results

1st Jacopo Monti - Celtibero Circle F Rotax

2nd Les Collins - 600 Honda

3rd Alan Birtwistle - 600 Yamaha

4th Steve Coles - 650 Bros Honda

5th Anthony Brown - Co-Built Rotax

6th Wayne Drake - 600 Rotax

7th Paul Harrison - 600 Rotax

8th Paul Baleta - 600 KTM

9th Geoff Cain - 600 Co-Built Rotax

10th Guto Llewelyen - 600 Co-Built Husaberg

11th Guy Sutherland - 600 Co-Built Rotax

12 Neil Martin - 600 Yamaha

published by Beatriz Salvado, pictures by Tim Coles

Final results Round 4 of the Pozzani Grand National UK Championship @ Leicester


Pozzani Grand Final Results

1st Aidan Collins - 450 H M Plant Honda

2nd Tom Woolley - 450 Pidcock Honda

3rd Jacopo Monti - 450 Honda “La Favorita”

4th Peter Boast - 450 Team Suzuki

5th Tim Neave - 450 Team Suzuki

6th Richard Mason - 450 Arrow Honda

7th Ben Wells - 450 Honda

8th Glyn Pocklington - 525 Helmets4u KTM

9th Ben Baker - 450 Helmets4u Honda

10th David Haith - 450 Arrow Honda

11th Derek Brindley - 450 Arrow Honda

12th Adam Allott - 450 TAJ KTM

published by Beatriz Salvado

Friday, July 8, 2011

Making of - Celtibero Spot @ Racerfish, Zürich, Switzerland

Here a few pics from the Celtibero video shooting day.

Big thanks to the Racerfish guys for the passionate work they are doing! Can't wait to see the final cut of our spot!

Click here to get to the full album on Flickr or here to our Facebook page!

Got recently an email from the top UK Shorttrack rider Peter Boast. Thought you'd also like to know what's going on!

Here it is about!


UK's Flat Track Racing is hotting up for some great mid season action, with three different disciplines of Flat Track, Shorttrack, TT and 1/2 mile action.

On Sunday 17th July, Flat Track racing comes to brand new Stadium at Leicester, which will host Round 4 of the 2011 Pozzani Grand National UK Championship. The Stadium was only completed in April 320 meters Shorttrack with banked corners and 1000 seater grandstands. H.M. Plant Honda rider Aidan Collins, who currently leads the 2011 Championship, will team up with his father Les, who was a legend at Leicester Speedway in the 80's and will also be riding a Honda. Collins will have tough international competition from Aussie Stars Tyson Nelson and Kevin Doolan also Itals Jacopo Monti.

On Saturday evening 30th July, Norfolk Arena will be holding the only TT event in the UK Calendar. In the USA Flat Track racing TT events are run not only left hand bends but right and bends as well and include jumps. We would call that Supermoto over here but the difference is that we still run no front brake, which makes for more action backing it in.

On Saturday evening 6th August, the fastest Flat Track meeting ever seen in the UK will take place. It will be held at the largest Horse Trotting Track in Great Britain, at the Tir Prince International All Stars Flat Track Meeting. With wide open bends, we are anticipating lap times to be close to 100mph! The track is positioned in a busy holiday area near Rhyl, North Wales, so we are expecting a large crowd. There will be Flat Track races from all over the world Competing and  guest riders from other motorcycle disciplines, including the TT and TV star Guy Martin.

Thank you to our Sponsors, Pozzani Water Filters, Silkolene Oils, Celitbero Racing Components, Redmax, Maxxis, Hagon Shocks, Arrow Engineering and Helmets 4u. 

For more info go to


Hope to see you at the races!

The Celtibero Racing Team

published by Beatriz Salvado

Monday, July 4, 2011

Round 3 of the FMI Flattrack Championship 2011 in San Paolo di Montegiorgio: suspended

For the first time the 800m long Hippodrome San Paolo, in Montegiorgio, Italy, opened the doors to motorcycles, were the round 3 of the FMI Flattrack Championship should have taken place. Unfortunately, a heavy summer downpour cut off the training rounds and quickly flooded the track. Race cancelled and the Celtibero Rotax Circle-F, quiet in the pit box. It would have felt at home screaming down the long straights.

Jacopo Monti could just do a few rounds, with his Honda "La Favorita", here some pics of our round trip to South Italy, and back. 

published by Beatriz Salvado