Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Celtibero high performance racing parts

That the Olimunllum® race products do also look unique is not a coincidence. Real performance seldom looks wrong.

Olimunllum® is the sum of the proven high performance fibre and the probably most preciously engineered plastic of our time. The result is the high tenacity of the reinforcing fibers paired with the strenght, excellent impact, creep and temperature resistance of the polymer, that makes Olimunllum® our choice for dynamic structural parts -like engine mounts-, wear resistant components -like chain wheels-, and heat resistance products -like our exhaust systems-.

Olimunllum® also exhibits a damping characteristic unseen in classic composites, which significantly reduces vibrations. Add chemical and corrosion resistance, as well as 250°C continuous use temperature, and see Olimunllum® components adapted for the use in the most arduous environment.

Main material characteristics

- minimum weight (1/3 of Titanium, 1/5 of Steel)
- very high strength
- excellent impact strength and creep resistance
- high damping (less vibrations) > 15% higher than conventional carbon fibre composites
- high chemical, corrosion and temperature resistance (250°C continuous use)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Flattrack training day with Randy Krummenacher @ MSC Mühldorf

"This bike feels at home on the big track, and really amazing how quick Randy found his pace already on the 2nd round."

Check out more pics on http://www.flickr.com/photos/celtibero

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

RedmaxGNC thunderbike Championship @ Oxford, UK

Jacopo Monti, riding the Celtibero CIRCLE-F Rotax entering the Thunderbike final to take a start-to-finish win.

Results Rd 1 Redmax GNC Thunderbike Championship (Oxford, 6th May 2011)

1st #5 Jacopo Monti (600 Celtibero Circle-F Rotax)

2nd #47r Anthony Brown (600 Co-Built Rotax)

3rd #30r Alan Birtwistle (600 TT Yamaha)

4th #72 Wayne Drake (600 Rotax)

5th #28 Steve Coles (650 Bros Honda)

6th #40r Paul Baleta (640 KTM)

7th #99r Pete Wilkinson (750 XR Harley Davidson)

8th #45r Geoff Cain (600 Co-Built Rotax)

9th #3 Paul Sheldon (600 KTM)

10th #31r Dave Arnold (600 Skooter Farm)

11th #4r Paul Harrison (600 Rotax)

12th #80r Tim Stevens (600 CCM)

published by Beatriz Salvado

Results Rd 1 Pozzani Grand National Championship (Oxford)

Final results GNC Class

1st #1 Adian Collins (450 HM Plant Honda)

2nd #21x Tyson Nelson (450 Station 165 Honda)

3rd #5 Jacopo Monti (450 “La Favorita” Honda)

4th #93 Tom Woollley (450 Pidcock Honda)

5th #71 Glyn Pocklington (525 Helmets4u KTM)

6th #17 David Haith (450 Haith Group Honda

7th #54 Peter Boast (450 Team Suzuki)

8th #20 Darren Trapmore (450 Kinrade Honda)

9th #14r Tim Neave (450 Team Suzuki)

10th #61 Kevin Armstrong (450 Suzuki)

11th #22x Steve Plater (450 HM Plant Honda)

12th #11 Adam Marshall (450 TAJ KTM)

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FMS Motocross Swiss Championship 2011 Schedule

Check out the Fédération Motocycliste Suisse website for more info!

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FMS MX CHampionship 2011 schedule

2011 POZZANI Grand National UK Flattrack Championship Schedule

Round 1: 6th May, Oxford Speedway Stadium
Round 2: 11th June, Moto GP Silverstone
Round 3: 26th June, Amman Valley Trotting Track, South Wales
Round 4: 17th July, Leicester Stadium
Round 5: 30th July, Norfolk Arena, Kings Lynn
Round 6: 17th September, Rye House Speedway, Hoddesdon, Herts

International Mefo Sport FLATTRACK Cup 2011 Schedule

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Celtibero Racing Components Team ready to line up for the first run at the UK Shorttrack Champioship 2011. See you in Oxford!

After hard and meticulous mechanical work rebuilding the base bike, engineering and tests on our low inertia Celtibero Racing Components, comings and goings from test bench to test bench, from test track to workshop and back to make sure our parts work out as good as we target, this along with lots of great support from friends and family (thanks Jan-Willem for the beautiful head work), we can't wait any longer and go now racing.

Celtibero's CIRCLE-F Rotax race bike

Upper engine mounts made of Olimunllum®

If you love riding like we do, you know how hard the waiting can be until you fire up the engine, select first gear and start rolling. Finnaly ready for the track! Last week we went to Jacopo's and Ulde's beautifully shaped and very technical training track in Novara, Northwest Italy, for a first real roll out. Jacopo, very fit and critical as I have never seen him before, welcomes the great power at high revs, the ability to pull the gears over 10'000 engine rpm and the light and nimble frame. He starts tighting corner lines and sliding as deep as he points, which looks like a game when you watch from the wall, scares you when you observe it close at the corner entry, and don't believe when you see it on pictures.

First test rounds
Jacopo Monti, entering the corner

And here a back view!

Thankfully, little issues came up, like a fuel-tank cracke, a leak in one fork, and wrong mounting clearances between our own silencer and the swingarm, but, hey! we didn't even had to make a single adjustment on the suspension.

Jacopo Monti. Testing in Novara, Italy

So now, 2 further crazy days sorting last details, organizing logistics, (like always, we are later than late on that) then entering the real life: The round 1 of the 2011 POZZANI GRAND NATIONAL UK CHAMPIONSHIP.

Our goal for this Friday in Oxford: see Jacopo challenging the best shorttrack riders in europe, UK's number 1 Aidan Collins, number 2 Tom Wooley, 2009 Champion Peter Boast, Les Collins, Eddy Kenneth, Steve Plater, and guest riders like Dave Alana (USA), Tyson Nelson (aus) and many more, and see all souls involved in our quest with a big sincere smile in their faces. Monti’s unmistakable style will be, in any case, a guarantee for that smile.

Good job guys!

Stay tuned and follow us if don’t want to miss it!

published by Beatriz Salvado